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2006 built nursery producing Litchi Plant, Starfruit Plant, Neem Plant and other plant varieties!
The plants we, Adi Mondal Nursery, produce primarily depend on the orders we receive. However, to cover a wider market coverage, we, as a plant producer, offer a wide variety of plants and trees. Litchi Plant, Neem Plant, Pink Jackfruit Plant, African Mahogany Plant, Vietnam Lemon Plant and Star Fruit Plant are to name a few. In order to produce such an extensive plant collection, we have recruited experienced gardeners and farmers who perform different methods of propagation depending on the type of plant. These propagation methods include raising plants from seeds, performing vegetative propagation and carrying out tissue culture. In addition, we carefully store the plant under shade to prevent their withering from harsh sunlight in summers. Emphasizing on customer contentment, we prioritize their requirements without compromising on our business morals. And, since we follow customer-oriented approaches, we attain complete customer contentment without any fail.


Infrastructure being the basic amenity of every business. A plant nursery is no different. Having a good looking and functioning nursery is crucial for plant nurseries, as well. For this reason, we have built ours on a large piece of land which has fertile soil for proper growth and development of plants and trees. Besides, we ensure that our nursery area is near to the main road and has round the clock availability of water. Moreover, the layout of our nursery is in rectangular shape to reduce the fencing length. Furthermore, we use top-notch fences across the perimeters to protect the nursery from strong winds, goats, dogs and cattle. With this, we never fail to produce Star Fruit Plant, Neem Plant, Litchi Plant, Pink Jackfruit Plant and other plants, of unparalleled quality.
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Our Scope and Objectives

  • The primary objective of our nursery is to grow trees and plants by providing them the environment best suited for them while preventing them from diseases and pests.
  • It is our responsibility to produce good quality plants for our clients for which we strive day and night and use modern farming techniques.
  • We look forward to introduce exotic plants like African Mahogany Plant, Vietnam Lemon Plant, etc.
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